To Dpbours: Rant for a while

  • Hi Dennis
    I think I just keep bumping into you on TE .. so I just wanted to say Hi .. so hello dennis ... lols
    okay ... regarding your comment about how the western societies cope with temp that are actually normal. I think whining in high temp is more of a mental and logistic thing, it is all what we compare it with and also the house/infrastructure we have.
    The city I live in, the municipality issues a heat alert whenever temperature rises above 30C ... but that is because very few houses have fans or air conditioning ..
    neways ... this will be my rant for a while on TE
    cheers ... Sarju
  • Re: To Dpbours: Rant for a while
    Hi Sarju,

    Yeah, absolutely true that houses in Europe are not built in a way that coping with heat is easy. As houses here shouldn't get snow either ;-). And in Europe people just LOVE to discuss the weather hahaha....

    Thanks for your rant! :-)

    Greetings, Dennis
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    Hi Dennis
    jut out of curiousity ... do you guys have "The Weather Channel" .. a 24 hour channel dedicated to local weather.
    Trust me this is the most popular channel in Canada, as nothing much really happens over here besides some fluctuations in weather which always make the headline. \
    Houses in Canada are mostly built for winters as they last 8 months ... lols

    here is a fact that you might find interesting ... all the houses have basements in Canada, that is because by law the foundations need to be atleast 5 feet inside the ground as the ground freezes till that level in the winters ... so after digging out the ground ... the only decent thing is to have a basement.
    have a good one ... cheers ... Sarju
    PS: i get these sporadic outbursts with TE ... lols
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    Haha, no we don't. Well, you can if you get satellite TV, but I haven't got that. There are so many DVD's for sale for loooow prices here that I just watch DVD's and the news comes through internet.

    Hahaha! 5 feet!! That is ridiculous! :-). God, happy I don't work for the Canadian water company, since the pipes will be pretty deep as well hahaha.

    Greetings! Dennis