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Great sarju 2007-06-25 22:21

hi Cath
Lovely candid photo, for some reason i like the placement of the light bulb on top and the girl underneath with her finger up ... as if giving an expression of "IDEA" ... lols
well this is just me with my weekday humour.
Anyways .. i am thinking about going to Tibet this year, Probably from nepal side and I will come through India ...
I would very much appreciate it if you could give me some pointers regarding how long it takes from Kathmandu to reach Lhasa .. is there a bus service ... some links on the web that I could do some research.
any info would be appreciated as I have just started gathering info and I am totally blank.
thanks Cath
please take your time in getting back to me (that is if you intend to get back to me)
regards ... sarju

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Default To sarju: from KTM to Tibet was less easy than the reverse,

Hi Sarju, maybe things have changed now, and you should check on the excellent forum for travellers : thorn tree (I hope the link will work)... Some years ago it was very difficult to enter from Nepal (and probably from India, although I heard that the road from Sikkim is now open).
There are political reasons for this, but if you have time, it is much easier to enter into Tibet from China proper, as for them it is anyway part of China, so they are putting less barriers.
Last time I was there, with a friend, we took a very cheap flight from Chengdu, then from Lhassa hired with 2 other people (we met them thanks to the above mentioned forum) a 4WD with driver, but it is also possible to travel by bus or by truck (not so easy, though).
1st time, I entered with a group from KTM, as it was strictly to travel on one's own (1997) till Lhasa - the "organised tour", imposed on us, was actually OK and we got along very well but we were lucky ; then I had lots of difficulties to go out of that tour, had to pay bribes and wait for long hours in offices to gain back my freedom, and after one week or so in Lhasa, descended on my own back to Tibet - met adventurer who had done alternative routes, from Xinjiang or from Sichuan, very difficult and involving waits for potential trucks for weeks, plus danger of really starving on the way because no shops on the way (or hotel, for that matter), etc.
This becomes too long, I'd like to help more but I'm afraid that my infos might not be upto date, so please sign in for Thorn Tree (depending on Lonely Planet), and you'll get more recent infos, and probably the same day !
Good luck and happy travels,
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Old 06-27-2007, 08:20 AM
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Default merci ,

Thanks sooo much for such a comprehensive reply.
Thorn Tree was a fabulous link ....
much much appreciated
cheers ... Sarju
PS: I bought a lonely Planet book for Tibet today, Normally I don't like to follow Lonely Planet as people who follow it end up doing the same thing that many other westerners do ... but still I thought that lonely planet would be a good primer.
I will have to get into Tibet from India only as I will have to go to my village in India to collect my trekking gear.
once again .. thanks for your detailed reply ... BTW ... when were you planning to visit India ... I am close by, I would love to have some rendez vous with you.
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Old 06-27-2007, 08:46 AM
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Default Re: Thorn Tree, Lonely Planet, Tibet...

Sarju, I really hope that you'll be able to cross into Tibet from India - It is certainly possible to do this illegally where there are no checkpoints but of course one needs to be equiped with hot sleeping geer and lots of survival food ! Must be something exciting to do, like the way those guys that I had met were doing, illegally travelling into forbidden zones... Legally though, I fear that it will be hard to get the visa AND the permit for Tibet ! The Chinese visa does not allow you to enter there, you need another document -
I too have my reservations about the Lonely Planet books, but they are still the best practical info around and their city maps are very reliable.
And about Thorn Tree : really, it is a fantastic forum if you have questions about travelling, with plenty of travellers ready to answer - the "speaking in tongue" branch there is great fun too... I visit once in a while with another alias.
I plan to be in India sometime next winter (January maybe), to visit 3 primary schools that I sponsor in tribal area in AP (from WB I think) - that's my new way of visiting India, and a real pleasure, a constant discovery ; unfortunately, AP is not close to HP !
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