Coming TE 10th anniversary

  • The site created by Adam Silverman will celebrate its 10th anniversary on October 4th 2012, which should come quickly now.
    I thought of launching a call for posting into an anniversary theme for that date, give Adam a surprise maybe, even if he has left the company by now.
    We have this interesting convivial site thanks to him. YOU WILL FIND THE THEME "ANNIVERSARY 10 YEARS OF TE" ON P6 OF THE THEMES.
    I hope that a lot of members will post a photo for the event and for the theme, and perhaps write an anniversary message to Adam either through the "contact" button on his TE profile or to this address Viviane-Porteplume has confirmed below that he still uses that address.
    I have posted this message in the forums, However, I know that a lot of members hardly ever go to the forums. So it would be good if everybody interested contacted as many people as possible, or wrote about it in the notes of their new posts , in order to create a sort of snowball effect.
    Perhaps, even people who have left the site might care to make a new post just this once. Who knows ?
    For that day, some people may organise TE meetings that seem to have been so popular amongst some members.
    Any other ideas ?
    Thank you for sharing.
  • Louise, this is an absolutely GREAT idea! Thank you... I specially thgink Adam will appreciate many messages via his "contact" button on his page or via I know it is still available and checked by Adam.

    * * * NB: Please, just remember that we won't accept photos or notes agains TOS. Adam would surely appreciate pictures and messages according the TOS himself once created...

    Amitiés - Viviane and the whole TE Team
  • Good evening Viviane,
    Thanks for your appreciation.
    Thank you also for clarifying some points about Adam's address, TOS etc...
    I certainly wasn't thinking of sending a greeting card with a bunch of flowers , a bottle of champagne or a pussy cat :-)
    I expect, I hope everybody else will follow the rules.
  • Ca ne fonctionne pas
    J'ai réussi à ajouter deux images seulement au thème; mais impossible d'ajouter plus
  • Bonjour Didi et merci d'avoir ajouté tes images au thème de l'anniversaire de TE. Une seule apparaît dans le thème à propos.
    Encore un couac.
    Lorqu'on ouvre la liste des thèmes, le chiffre 18 apparaît à côté, ce qui veut dire que 18 photos auraient été ajoutées. Or, lorsqu'on ouvre le thème, il n'apparaît que 4 photos.
    J'envoie un message personnel à IBobi qui j'espère règlera le problème.
  • Couac
    Il n'y a même pas une référence au thème sur la photo publiée
    Ok je patiente.