Happy New Year

  • I wish to everyone Happy New Year, even if it's not a new year according
    your calendar !!!
    Take care
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    Well, it's not our calendar usually, but I can't resist your wishes. Happy new year to you too, Alain.
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    And to you and all on TE also ...must go out now and enjoy the celebrations, as some if you have already seen the new year in ALREADY !(lol)the camera is going too..... so it too send its regards ....(lol)
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    I also want to wish everyone the best! Go out and do something foolish tonight!!!! ;-)
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    Just a reply to "go out and do something foolish". In my little town there is still 50 or so PROFESSIONAL BIG ONES missing from last summers break in at the local fireworks factory. So here we better stay indoors, or in the basement. :o)

    Gott Nytt År, all of you!
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    Also my best wishes for 2004... I have been already gone out to see the firework just posted...
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    Happy New Year to you Alain, and to everyone else too!

    I've been out taking pictures tonight as well - see: photo28777