Cambodia - Khmer New Year

  • hi, probably some of you know about it - I am going to Cambodia on the 3rd of April 2004 and i'll stay there till 15th of April. I'll fly from HK to Phnom Penh and my return flight is from PP too.
    these days i am searching the net for some info about Cambodia.
    and I have found out that the Khmer New Year celebrations start on the 13th of April, i've heard sth about water festival... So is it a good thing for my stay in Cambodia this festival? am I safe with my camera during this time or i need some waterproof stuff for me and my camera ;) ? Is it a good idea to be in PP at this time? are there any special acitivities during this time in Cambodia where I could take some interesting photos?
    thanks again
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    Hi Maciej,

    This message is posted on a Lonely Planet thread, I hope it gives you a few pointers. I will also be in Seam Reap but about 2 weeks later.

    <i>It's not madness in the sense that you will get soaked unless you are out on the highways. Siem Reap attracts half of Cambodia so it will be an absolute zoo and not a particularly ideal time to see the temples. It will however, be interesting to see half of Cambodia enjoying themselves. Officially, water throwing is banned around the temples and in Siem Reap, but you may still get a little wet. Phnom Penh turns into a ghost town though a few ghosts will be having fun around Wat Phnom. But Siem Reap will definitely be the more fun place by a long shot.</i>

    The original thread is <a href= =440460&messid=3662595&STARTPAGE=1&parentid=0&from =1>here</a>
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    You can protect your camera with a plastic bag - put a large (very large) bag over the camera, big enough for your hand to fit inside to operate the shutter. Cut off one corner for the lens to poke out. Put a rubber band around the lens to hold the plastic bag in place there. Cut another little hole for the viewfinder and put another rubber band over that. You should be ok :-).
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    hi Philip
    are you serious??? i hope you are not ;) "now I am in Battambang, i am going to PP on the first day of Khmer new year, I really want to walk around PP, i have heard about some interesting places to visit with my camera - Stung Mean Chey, Railway Station, one street near to the lake..... i really want to see the "dark side of this city.. but this Khmer New year... i dont want to have my new camera all wet... is it really serious this Water Festival?

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    Sure I'm serious! I protected my Canon EOS 50E SLR from the Water Festival in Bangkok with a plastic bag like this!

    Steung Meanchey is no problem to visit. When you say a street near the lake, I guess you mean Bouung Kak lake - that's a district of very cheap guesthouses and also of very cheap brothels. The brothels don't like cameras - because some of the girls are very young. So it could be dangerous. Be careful.

    You might like to take the train trip from Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville - it takes all day, and is a major expedition (take your own food and water), but lots of good people-shots.