To Rinie_Hoff: Power and google

  • Wow Rinie, you've got a good memory, fancy recalling that throw away comment I made a couple of months ago. Actually though, it wasn't power lines per se that I've decided not to clone, but ones that appear prominently in urban scenes where their existance contributes to the mood of the place in question, however detrimental that may be. The ones here I might have clone had I not been so pleased that they'd come out so clealy :-)

    As for thte title, well very good googling. I only just vaugely remember that sketch, and I'd never have pulled it out from my memory. The thing is, it's the orginal real Finian's Rainbow that would be recalled by anyone reading the title, so, since this isn't of Ireland, I think I'll leave it for the moment. Thank's for trying.
  • Re: To Rinie_Hoff: Power and google
    Well, It is true, I have got a good memory, but it helped that I so fully agreed with you. I think you posted a picture of Bulgaria.
    You might remember that I posted a few pictures of that little village in Ireland, and some also said that the powerwires should be cloned out. But reaaly, they belong there, and I do not want to try and clone them out. Besides, that's a hell of a job. ;-)
    Enjoy your day