Nikon playing fast and loose with LCD resolution!!!

  • Anyone still swooning over Nikon's vaporware announcement of the still unavailable and untested D300 and D3 cameras owe it to themselves to read this excellently written piece from Popular Photography:

    Click on The McNamara Report

    In it MacNamara explains clearly that Nikon have been less straightforward in their description of the new super duper LCD in the new cameras. What they actually say is that the resolution is 920,00 dots, HOPING that every panicky fool on the Canon side and every hopeful Nikon Fanboy will conclude that the resolution is equal to 920,000 pixels, or 3 times what Canon offers in the new 40D or 1D MKIII. Nonsense! The keyword here is "dots", a less common way of describing resolution for LCDs - it tuns out that the new Nikons will sport something like a 300,00 Pixel LCD, better than the 230,000 one from Nikon, but not THAT much better.

    Nice to clear that up, eh?

    Next, let's see just how good the high iso performance is from the 12 Megapixels Sony stuffed into the new Nikon D300 chip... That ought to be interesting.