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Great Edwin 2004-05-25 9:26

After have seen this posting I simply have to visit this gallery once. Thanks for the inspiration Yitzhak!

The warm colour toning is truly amazing, and I find it not that hard to imagine the magical air you mentioned. However I do miss something here, an element of creativity perhaps. For instance, you could have tried shutter times between 1/2 a second and 2 seconds... This would probably have resulted in a more dynamic image with a stronger contrast between the people who lay/stand still, and the people that were in motion... But perhaps it is just me :-)

By the way, in your exposure specs you mentioned 30 seconds... Perhaps you meant 1/30? (-:

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Default To Edwin: Exposure

Thanks for your comment. Edwin.
Of coarse it's 1/30 seconds. I didn't select this speed, it came out automatically with the EXIF data, and I don't know what's wrong, is it my camera or a software problem.
I also tried some slower shots, but I didn't like them. Actually, people didn't move so much, they were all hypnotized by this atmosphere, so even 1/30 seconds came out with no motion blur.

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Default Re: To Edwin: Exposure

If you are really on a photo hunt and you don't want to carry around a large tripod, you might want to try a mini tripod, or a monopod Yitzhak. Easy to carry, relatevily light weighted, and in these kind of situations very very helpful. In case I do need longer shutter times than 1/60s, I usually try to take advantage of pilars, columns, corners of a wall, or simply use banisters to hold my camera against. That, in combination with the use of a self timer (to avoid vibrations from pressing down the button to shoot) one is able to get pretty stable shots even with shutter times over 1/30s...

Just try it once ;-)

Kind regards /Edwin
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