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Old 03-01-2004, 10:46 PM
jmaddocks jmaddocks is offline
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Default Re: critiques

I encourage you to take a look at the past five pages of North America pictures and notice where the majority of critiques go. It is rather eye opening. For me, the past few days have been extremely discouraging. Very few have looked at my pictures this past weekend, and of those who did, I received 4 critiques. Two of them were from the same person. Just venting.
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Old 03-02-2004, 12:41 AM
mdchachi mdchachi is offline
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Default Re: critiques

Where do they go? I can't really tell because I have points turned off.
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Old 03-02-2004, 04:46 AM
ninadev ninadev is offline
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Default Re: critiques

I feel like coming in this discussion since my name as been included (by mistake). A lapsus that I consider as an invitation to participate and any way I had something to say.

Yes Niva, there are and will always be photos that won't receive any critiques. Viviane pointed out the fact that there are too many photos posted and it's impossible to view them all and even more to critique all of them. I personally do not know how many critiques I write, somedays I will reach 20 but often it will be only 5 or 6, depends of the time I have and like you Niva it's not that easy for me to write in english especially when wanting to write a critique that means something.

Viviane, I wouldn't worry if I were you, your critiques are perfectly correct, helpful, honnest, not harsh at all, I have never felt that you are part of a clan like others. I understand however how you feel about these unuseful critiques points that we never know why they are given. This system of useful/not uselful is not helping at all, it just adds to frustration. I experience the same thing, when I am really honnest, there are always a few points added to my unuseful score, even if I don't feel that I am harsh. So now I seldom go look at the score. I did today, after reading your message, to see if it had increased like yours and knowing that in the past days I came back to my original way of critiquing, that is being as honnest as possible and say what I think, and Bang another 2 points of unuseful.

I chose to keep the point system but I did choose not to see the names and scores under the thumbnail which I like very much. I don't mind giving or receiving points, but I do like that it is given in an impartial way and this new feature.

And all those members who come in this sort of discussion and only say that they choose to turn off the points system, let me tell you that the aureola over your head is starting to get on my nerves.
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Old 03-02-2004, 05:24 AM
BobTrips BobTrips is offline
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Default Viviane - don't let the "Not Usefuls" get to you...

It's a totally meaningless piece of data.

I've picked up a few. I have no idea if I earned them because the person who received the Critique didn't agree with what I said, didn't want to be criticized, or just couldn't read English.
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Old 03-02-2004, 09:46 AM
CVTJan CVTJan is offline
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Default Re: critiques

Hi, I also wondered when joining TE some months ago, why some pictures that are not really striking out of the masses do have so many critiques and others which are really great or need help have only a few. Then I noticed the favourite feature and it was clear, especially if you follow the system for a longer time. But that is ok to me. I think it is kind to answer a critique with a critique (good or bad one).

Here is an excerpt of my info page:

I try to give critiques on pictures that are not so well done. I don't do this for not giving full 2 points. But I do this for helping. If I would only give 2 points all the time to all the pictures that already have lots of points, critiquing would be useless. So please don't get upset if I critique one of your photo's which is in my humble opinion maybe not that well taken.

Yours, Jan
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Old 03-02-2004, 09:53 AM
CVTJan CVTJan is offline
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Default Re: critiques

Ah, I forgot, and I chose to not critique photo's where I see that the poster is on TE for a longer time and is just not critiquing themselve. Everyone can explain why they like or dislike a photo and often that can be done without the use of many words.

Yours, Jan
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Old 03-02-2004, 11:41 AM
Gael Gael is offline
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Default Re: critiques

English :

I totally agree with you, and I feel little disapointed when I post a chosen photo (I don't post everyday) which is not event critiqued and having so few viewers... Well, that's life, and makes me think of a post in which someone was wondering if the hour ho the posting might have some importance.

Nevertheless, I would like to draw your attention on a feature that exist on other sites like TE : In your own profile you can see the list of photos you didn't see yet.

Maybe TE misses a feature like this :
List of Photos I didn't look at
List of Photos I didn't critique
List of thumbnails I didn't browse at

What do you think of this?



Je suis tout fait d'accord avec vous, et je me sens un peu du quand je poste un photo spcialement choisie (je ne poste pas chaque jour) et que cette photo n'est mme pas critique, et si peu vue... He bien, c'est la vie, et cela me fait penser un post dans lequel quelqu'un s'interrogeait sur le fait que l'heure o l'on poste une photo a peut-tre son importance sur TE.

Mis part cela, j'aimerais attirer votre attention sur une fonctionalit qu'on trouve sur d'autres sites tels que TE : dans votre profile, vous pouvez voir la liste des photos que vous n'avez pas encore vu.

Peut-tre qu'il manque sur TE un fonctionalit comme celle-ci :
Liste des photos que je n'ai pas encore regard
Liste des photos que je n'ai pas encore critiqu
Liste des tiquettes que je n'ai pas encore parcouru

Que pensez vous ce ceci?

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Old 03-02-2004, 12:03 PM
Agus Agus is offline
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Default Re: I agree...

I agree that we have to post our feedback. But in that page we have about three kind of point out our feedback: icon, notes and triple choises buttons. How to point out the last one?
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Old 03-02-2004, 01:29 PM
padam padam is offline
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Default ...seems that some people are on TE to collect points...

unfortunately, some people are not really open to read a bad critique. Personaly, I believe that a bad critique is more useful than a good one and when I see the critiques of some people, I really think that they are here on TE with the only aim to collect points to satisfy their selfish ego.

Personaly, I do not hesitate to write a bad critique and I do not care about receiving a "not useful" since I'm not in the points system anymore. Quite funny that since I left the points system, some people removed me from their favorites ;-))

On the other hand, I'm very grateful to people (Bobtrips, Ninadev to mention only a few) who take time to write clear, precise and most of the time very useful critiques. Always a pleasure to receive a critique from them, even if sometimes I do not agree with it. Photography remains art and consequently lets the place to different feelings or interpretations. Hopefully....
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Old 03-02-2004, 02:54 PM
Clochette Clochette is offline
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Default Once again, rating or not ?...

I think we are all interested in receiving useful critiques, this is how we can improve ourselves. However, for many of us, rates are also indicators. So how to reconcile both points of view ?

Think about other kinds of art, I mean paiting, music, or movies. Critiquers express their opinions in newpapers. How do you feel that a movie, for an example, is probably interesting ?.. Because critiquers rated it to 40 points ? ;-)

Of course not. Generally speaking, you're attracted and you want to know more about it because you saw lots of critiques, either good or bad ones (these latter being sometimes the more interesting ones ! :-); the essential point is that people felt something, and thus they had things to say about it.

In this spirit, maybe the number of critiques received should be displayed under each pic, instead of a number of points ?.. Smileys could be used only to show a visual trend of each critique given (just as those star icons you can see in cinema magazines).

No more rating, so no more feeling of competition, no more limitation of the number of critiques given each day.. Adding a comment, good or bad, would just increase the number of critiques displayed. And this could be a new indicator.

What about thinking different ?... Or am I just dreaming ?.. :-)
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