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  Homerhomer 2007-08-27 8:18

hey man, what's up, see you had a chance to shoot with Harvey, must have been a thrill.
Awesome shot Rafal, someone said decadent and I agree, there is something in this shot that really attracks me to it, even though it's difficult to put a finger on what exactly is it, perhaps it's the chaos evident in the photo that so well conveys the night life, the need to be free, love the background full of folks who want to be just like these two, at least for one night.

Shooting projects is great, tried it in the past but really don't have what it takes, just can't committ to anything like this for an extended period of time, putting everything else on the second plan for 6 to 12 months just isn't an option.

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Default To Homerhomer: Projects

I dont think projects have to be that involved. It doesnt have to be something super serious like "North Korean Refugees in China", or whatever. I think the thing Harvey wa saying about projects is that you can shoot something local, even 5 minutes from your home. When I showed him my portfolio of miscellaneous street shots, he wasnt impressed, but neither was I when I was putting it together. What he picked up on is that the portfolio didnt hang together. Sure, he liked some shots, but as a whole, the portfolio failed because it wasnt a single entity. In that conntext, shooting a project would kill 2 birds with one stone. It would give you a unity of subject and it would also allow you to get a unity in style. That way when you actually put it together it would be a united entity isntead of a random collection of shots that ultimately says nothing. There was a marked contrast between how he responded to my miscellaneous shots and my TKD portfolio. Big difference. The TKD is a subject I had been planning to really delve into anyway, put all that random street shooting on the backburner as it isnt leading anywhere and concentrate on the TKD. The other subject I am going to expand on is very simple: shooting a fountain near my home. Its literally 5 minutes walk from where I live, and Im going to make it a year long project to photograph it in summer, fall, winter, spring. Its a great place with fantastic light before sunset and tons of activity. Easy, accessible both projects.
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