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  • Hello everyone

    Have you noticed a recent and very annoying development? Key words on this site have been hi-jacked by Ad-choices, who have created links to unwanted ad pages, usually featuring an aeroplane. I've even had to edit my notes to remove the words that they target. This is really intrusive, and I urge the Teccies to take the necessary steps to remove the problem as soon as possible.

  • Hello Will,

    simply install an appropriate add-on (extension) in the browser that you use, and it will make you happy
    AdBlock, JavascriptBlock etc - depends on what you use: Safari, FireFox etc...
    there's no ad-block add-on for Tor, though...

    check out the attachment image: this is what I see when I open a TE page

  • One Solution.....
    Hello Will, Elena and Everyone,

    Yes, I have noticed this and it's driving me even crazier than I already am. So much so that I've been trying to do a bit of research looking for a solution.

    My antivirus software failed to find anything untoward, Malwarebytes similarly found no infection, I can see no "rogue" programs in my program list in Control Panel and the irritating pop-ups still were there after I'd deleted all my cookies and also run CCleaner.

    A bit of searching on the internet then suggested that the cause is a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) which is probably fairly harmless but nonetheless very annoying and extremely difficult to remove. There are many suggestions about downloading software to "clean up" the problem but I suspect that many of those programs may be infected with viruses and spyware themselves and therefore might cause more trouble than they cure.

    But the simplest solution I have found (and it so far seems to be working for me) is this:

    Hover over the "rogue" highlighted word and a box pops us - in my case, as in Will's, the box always appears to have a photo of an aeroplane. Now, in the top left of that box there are a couple of icons which light up as you pass the mouse pointer over them. Click on one or other of those and a new tab or window opens up with details all about this wonderful advertising feature. Scroll down a little on that page and you will see a row of tabs - click on "Disable" and you will then be taken to a page where you can opt to disable these pop-up advertisements. For me it so far appears to have worked. However, the instructions on that last page state that if you delete your cookies, the pop-ups will begin all over again. Let's wait and see!

    I hope that this is of some help but if anyone more computer savvy than me (and that must be most TE members) has a better solution, then I'd love to hear it.

    Kind Regards,

  • Hi John

    Your advice was heeded and seems to be successful on my main computer. I haven't yet been able to replicate that on my Samsung tablet, as the icons at top left as you describe them, don't seem to be there on the tablet version.

  • If you are logged in, you will not see them.

    If you are logged in and you seem them, send me a screen shot.

  • Solution was only temporary...
    Hello Paul, Will & Everyone,

    Well, that solution I suggested only lasted a short time for me - those irritating highlighted words are back as also are the annoying pop-ups, probably because I have since run my virus checker and cleared my cookies and other internet history.

    I am, as requested, enclosing a screenshot image - taken just a couple of minutes ago when I was indeed logged in to TE (as I am now) - and it's of part of a page of critiques. You will see that four random words in the text are highlighted in green with arrows beside them. If I move my mouse pointer over those highlighted words, a pop-up box appears from AdChoices - the same irritating box with a picture of an aeroplane which pops up over any of those highlighted words.

    Whether this is a virus threat, a phishing threat or no threat at all, it is nonetheless intensely irritating and certainly severely reduces any enjoyment of what was previously an excellent site.

    Kind Regards,


  • Tyro,

    1. That is not a screen shot. That is a bunch of text.
    2. Did you read my post above yours? If you are logged in, you will see the links. Just log in and they will go away.

  • Links....
    Hello Paul,

    Thank you for your reply.

    I can assure you that I uploaded a screenshot, within the upload size limit of the forum. However, I quite agree that it cannot be opened but only appears as a string of text. But the screenshot which was uploaded by Elena (fanni) a few days previously also cannot be opened and also appears as a string of text.

    Furthermore, your two sentences,

    "If you are logged in, you will see the links. Just log in and they will go away."

    do not make any sense to me.


  • I think it should have read "If you are logged in you will not see the links", but from your previous post you did say that your were logged in and did still see them.
  • Yes, thank you, Keith...
    Thank you, Keith, for your reply.

    Ah, ha, so that now seems to make sense. But, as you so rightly say, I was indeed logged in - otherwise I would not have been able to post on the forum.

    I have tried a few things, as I mentioned earlier, but the only thing that so far seems to work for me is as I described to Will a few posts back - going onto the AdChoices website by clicking at top left of the pop-up window and then choosing to disable the adverts. Trouble is that as soon as you clear all your internet history and cookies (which I must confess I tend to do fairly regularly), the pop-ups start all over again, just as the Adchoices website warns.

    So we have got it figured out after a fashion, I reckon.

    But I still find it strange that we no longer seem to be able to see .jpeg or.jpg images on the forum - but that, I suppose, is another problem.

    Kind Regards,