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Originally Posted by mkamionka View Post
I know it may not sound like a serious problem but as a result of recent tech issues the photo which I have uploaded yesterday has no thumbnail/icon/small version in the beta TrekEarth. Since many members are using in fact just the beta version (because in the new version the admins did not address some complaints of the users) it is a disadvantage of my photo not to have a small preview.
Is there any chance to repair it?
The photo has already lost some valuable comments from yesterday I would prefer not to loose those from today by simply deleting and posting again.
Unfortunately in the past when I have inquired to tech about photos that are missing or have a thumbnail that is missing, it always refers to data that has disappeared. It doesn't happen often, but there is no way for them to recover it; between re-uploading the photo or going without the Beta thumbnail, I would suggest just leaving it as-is; but the discretion is of course yours. Sorry about that.

Originally Posted by ChrisJ View Post
Hi Vivian

No that's not the thread I was referring to. It was a bunch of complaints about 'invalid critique' messages appearing when a member attempted to view their own critiques received. There were at least 4 or 5 messages on that thread which I can no longer see.
Many posts about the invalid critique error were wiped out by yesterday's event; we'll just have to make due. Pleas report the same issue of it is still occurring today.
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