Does TrekEarth only show the nice sides of these world...!?

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    I agree. I clicked on the shot and didnt comment. Just because its a shot of poverty doent make it a compelling image. I looked at it and to be honest, felt very little. Ive seen better, on TE. Calling people cowards is rude, antagonistic and disrespectful.

    And if I ever fail to get as many points as I hope for for a photo I wont be starting up threads about it attacking the community on the forum. Or have my father do that for me.
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    Relax, Andreas, do not take it too personal. What is most important is that you were there, and saw for yourself, and had a potent emotion about it. I posted earlier a pix of a "Help Darfur" demonstration for the only purpose to ask people to do something about it, still using photography. One week later, it had only 100 views, and 3 critiques. It just did not fly, and there is a damned genocide going on there, not one kid starving. But the last thing I will do is to think I am special and the membership is insensitive. That is a way far-out opinion. IMO, people were not inclined to critique my and your shot, that happens.

    Other than that, there are numerous members here who devote time and money to help others in the countries they visit, still will not post one shot of a destitute, and may even not critique a photo that shows one, if the photo does not inspire them as photography.

    IMO, you should ask yourself why people did not critique it more, not blame them. Without the note, I am frank, your pix seems that of a passer-by, the kid could be simply be cranky because his Mom is out of reach or not picking him up (The fact that he certainly does not look wealthy is no sign in itself of witnessing distress, for people who travel outside of Europe and USA. Simply put, your photo, by itself, does not imply what is in your note.


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    To Jinju,
    that was so far the worst comment on this thread. Right now my father is 11000km away from me and the last thing I do is to ask him for help on TE. Furthermore I didn't care about the points! I repeated that for like 4 times. So, before starting to talk down to someone you should spend some minutes with the topic...
    I understand that it might not have been touching to someone but for me it was and maybe I expected it to be more touching for the TE-community! Maybe I was wrong! Still we should think about other problems besides POVs!!!
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    The worst comment on this thread was you calling people cowards for not commenting on your photo.
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    ...and I would well repeat that. It wasn't about my particular picture. It was about pictures like mine and still I think it is cowardish to look at them and just continue scrolling through the gallery! As I said: Looking away is easier...
    Maybe you want to call it lazy or something, I don't!
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    Not to keep fanning the flames here but your insistence on referring to this as cowadice is presumptuous. You kow absolutely nothing of the people who are nt critiquing your photo or why. I myself have spent the last nine years living in developing countries such as Guatemala and Turkey where I met the face of poverty every single day. I have led student in service learning projects to help bolster their own impverished communities and petition the governments with programs to help the countries improve the gap between rich and poor.
    I have travelled to two dozen countries and witnessed severe poverty that has left me speechless and helpless.
    Yet I didn't comment on your photo so I am afraid and looking away....nosense...arrogance and nonsense. TE is not a political soapbox or a social campaign isa Travel Photography website and whether or not your poor boy photo gets overlooked or someone elses pretty building does not get the attention it deserves is entirely based on the photos merits or participation in the wider community or the mood of the TE members online that day.
    Please be careful getting off your high seems you have a long way to fall
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    Basically it seems to me that Andreas is angryu people didnt comment on his photo. Do you REALLY think, Andreas, that your photo is revolutionary and groundbreaking? That YOU alone have put this issue in our faces and that because we dont comment on it we are cowards? Honestly? Look at Maciekda's photos. Many of his shots show just this issue of poverty. And they have scored many many points and critiques. The difference is that they were powerful images, and evoked emotions. Ultimately this is not about cowardice but the fact that your photo doesnt succeed as an image to make us feel, make us understand. Calling people cowards is rude and disrespectful. You are a young guy who at 20 discovered that theres a world outside of Europe's comfortable existance. It doesnt make you a trailblazer nor does it make your photos somekind of a test for the entire TE community. Poverty has been shown here, photos of poverty have been well received and acclaimed. Learn some respect.
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    here are some photos of poverty that got big reactions. Just from maciek because thats who comes to mind immediately for the subject matter on TE
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    I was about to comment on this thread, but you just 'stole' my words. Can't agree more with you on this Rafal. One have to understand the fact that people are here mainly to watch good photography and will pass by each one that don't rise deep emotions (whatever that may be). Andreas probably hasn't figured out yet that his photo isn't that good and it will not be the subject that will transform it in a better photo...
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    The picture in question is of course not a masterpiece of photography but including the author's emotions and explanation note it creates a sad story of this boy and many others...
    It does touch my feelings (not the very photo but combined with author's note and attitude) therefore I decided to give a couple of words below the topic.

    Of course Andreas shouldn't have called others cowards for not commenting on his picture: others are not obliged to that and outside Euorope and a few other coutries poverty is so omnipresent that people simply get used to it and don't react with shock at each sign of it: most of the world lives in poverty - it's sad but true... There were many images of it in the past; they are still present, even much worse: those from war, conflicts, etc.

    But the abundance of such negative visions of humanity in a natural way causes some kind of immunization towards it - and therefore this picture of a dirty, hungry (not yet starving) child doesn't appeal to the audience as the author might have wished...

    Why that happens? Maybe the image is just not strong enough - for example comparing to those shown every year during World Press Photo Exhibitions... The bottleneck seems to be the author's capability of transfering his emotions through the picture towards the audience... And this might cause some frustration (calling others cowards etc.)...

    The most important thing here is however what Andreas could learn by himself - about the dark side of the world - until this lesson is not complete - teaching others will be difficult...