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Old 10-31-2005, 01:53 AM
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Default I traslated it in order to read it Viviane

Sorry to read it, but is a truth,

Yesterday, I was in a shopping center, taking shots of my favorite subject, my son, when a guard came to me and said in really bad way that I was shooting the ATM machine where people where withdrawing the money and that I should stop taking pictures inmediately.

First, no signs indicating that it was not allowed to take pictures and secondly, he STATED that I was shooting with a PROPOSIT that he realized.

It is ok, if he just said to me that it was forbidden, but the second affirmation made me really angry. I said strong words to him as he did not respected me and my family and I left the place.

I learned a lesson, to take pictures in safe places where you will not be alone, and that you are completely sure you will not pass a bad moment due to it.

The world is becoming smaller, suddenly, too small.

I do most of my shootings at streets, I considered myself a street photographer, so bad news for me, bad news for everyone.

Sorry to read about this man,
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Old 10-31-2005, 03:37 AM
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Default Re: "La mort au bout de l'appareil photo"

Asia is a VERY safe place to shoot street stuff...we are in this sense extraordinarily lucky. Sure, you get dirty looks sometimes but that's as far as it goes.
On two occasions I shot a group of right wing, Japanese fascists in black uniforms screaming hate though loudspeakers. I have since found out that photographers have been physically attacked by these thugs before and their equipment smashed to bits, tight there in broad daylight. So yes, I felt nervous shooting these war-mongering haters, but then approaching fanatics like that carries a risk, as would shooting an angry crowd of Islamic fundamentalists in Karachi on any day of the week...
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Old 10-31-2005, 12:37 PM
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Default Re: "La mort au bout de l'appareil photo"

Thanks for translation, much better than my using babelfish... well, not sure i've understood it anyway... did anywone?

I think the only thing that connects with photography is a camera held by the guy, but for what i've understood he could have been murdered by the simple fact of saying an "HELLO" outthere... i don't know... it was not the camera that killed him...

About your thing with the Mall Guard... Funk Him!!! how's little Cesar???

While in Poland, i was in Wroclaw and i went to the Gipsy Quarter, Gipsies are well known for their fiercy and closed communities, they can be hatted or loved but one think in undenieble... they are a fascinating society. I went there and the "air" was really heavy, offcourse they are not used to have foreigners inside their world and it was though... i'me used to them here in Portugal, but here i can communicate so most off the problems or misunderstandings can be solved by conversation... there it was diferent... i've seens some baseball sticks waving and some people following me... if i got scared? yes i did... i even got blocked in one street for a local man saying that they werent "monkeys in the zoo"... and he didn't allowed me to go any further, but then this most wonderfull old lady (like the grandma of all community) come to help me and gave me permission to take the photos that i wanted... everyone respected her so everyone disapear but man.... i was though!!!!
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Old 10-31-2005, 02:02 PM
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Default Re: "La mort au bout de l'appareil photo"

Thanks a lot Cesar, I had a lot of difficulties to translate, but I made a short resum of it too:


56 years-old man beaten to death.

In a sensible area of Epinay-sur-Seine (Seine-Saint-Denis) in the middle of afternoon, he was driving with his wife and child when he got interested by an original lamppost. Working in urban furnitures business, he decided to take a picture of it
But, being close to a group of high buildings HLM are Habitations Loyers Modrs / Low cost apartments it seems that his action got wrongly perceived.

First a group of young people get around him. Did he refuse to stop photographing? Or refused to give the film back to them? Probably it was the camera they wanted are the words of the police.

Then the situation became quickly hostile. The young people went mad and beaten him under in sight of his wife and daughter who stayed in the car.
The area is a busy one with bar, supermarket and pharmacy but no one tried to help him.

He died in the hospital during the following night.


I agree it's difficult to know wether it was its attitude - just being there - or the fact they would have wanted to have his camera, just like they could have wanted to have his wallet, his watch, his leather coat or his Nike's... Like it happens around schools.

My point is also about the feeling you can get sometimes when pointing your camera in the direction of people on the street - see Gal's picture: All the Truth about Attitude.
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Old 11-09-2005, 02:15 PM
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Default Re: "La mort au bout de l'appareil photo" suite 9/11/05

les agresseurs de cette personne qui est dcde sont arrts, le dernier qui tait recherch dans toute la France, l'a t aujourd'hui.
drame isol, violences contre l'Etat, la vie sociale est sinistre en France depuis des annes. Les ducateurs de rue, les enseignants, les travailleurs sociaux ont tir la sonnette d'alarme depuis un moment... on rpond cela par des couvre-feux et une prsence policire digne de feuilletons amricains dont nous abreuvent les chanes de tlvision comme le nec plus ultra...
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