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Old 07-03-2012, 07:58 AM
Zengi001 Zengi001 is offline
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Default Photographer info

It may be a good idea if we, as community members, could only see the name of the artist, after we critique his/her work.. not before!
At least for the newly added photos..
This way may be the works of individuals are more appreciated rather than friendly relations..
If we still want to critique on our friends' photos, we can visit their albums and pick from the previous works, besides, forum communication between friendly members is always an option.
Just my idea, can it be implemented?? i don't know.
Good days to all,
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Old 07-03-2012, 08:11 AM
Keitht Keitht is offline
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The idea was raised once before and I personally think it's a good one. I don't know whether or not it's possible to implement.
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Old 07-04-2012, 03:23 AM
Vato_Law Vato_Law is offline
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Post photog info and critiques

The problem is raised here from time to time. But in the end it resumes to the approach each and every member have to the site, or maybe better said, to what they want to get from it and give it.

Some members, just want to show (not share) their work, others want to share and others might want to have the full extent of what the site has to offer and that includes, sharing photos, sharing critiques, exchanging ideas, and mostly have fun with it.

My approach to the site, even if I'm not that active actually, is trying to get the full extent of it, even if sometimes it doesn't include posting photos, simply writing some critiques, or like today, participating in the forums. I remember some years ago, this forum was very active and funny, because people used to share their ideas, their thoughts, their experiences, even their knowledge of the gear they were using.

If this forum had no other use, it sometimes allows us to get to know the gallery of some new members with very interesting works and ideas towards photography (just like Michael) who was posting here before.

Speaking of Michael, and if you can receive an advise of an amateur, but old enough here on TE, I think you shouldn't be afraid of making your critique, with your own words, with your own knowledge and your very own view.
There is no perfect photo nor perfect photographer, photography is not an exact science, ultimately photography is much something from the heart and less from the mind. I mean, why do you watch a photo? you do it because something on it grabbed your attention, something on it touched you... Does that make the photo perfect, maybe not, but it was perfect enough to grab your attention, it "spoke" to you. Those feelings you got from the photo, are the most important thing, IMO, you can express on your critiques, because the ultimate goal, again IMO, of a photo is to cause some impression, to get to people's heart or mind, to make them think.
Those things like, contrast, brightness, tilted horizons can be important to be included on a critique, but are only part of it, and like someone once said, laws are made to be broken, and many times when we break some photographic rules, we get closer to that thing called "perfection" and most important we try to innovate, to make different, not following the "herd of sheeps", and when receiving a critique what we expect to ear about is what feelings does our photo bring to who's watching it, even if we get a negative critique.

My 2,5 cents, hope it helps in some way.
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