a pronlem on Photo-galery tab

  • I encounter now an unfamiliar problem: on main galery > photo tab , I recieve no pictures , since last hour and a half approx.
    PLS check.
  • same problem
    I have the same problem. Clicking on the photo gallery sends me to an opening page. I can no longer get access to the photo gallery.
  • No access to the gallery
    Probably for everybody
  • same problem.
  • Same problem for me but not on the beta site:

  • Bonjour
    Pour ceux qui utilisent Firefox, pas de problèmes
  • Et pour les autres....? On utilise pas tous Firefox!!!
  • same probem too.
    and some times the site don't load appearing he message "Not found"
  • I have sent a message to IB, they will fix it next Tuesday because IB is closed for the US independence day.
    But it's possible to access by http://beta.trekearth.com/gallery/