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Good Peeotr 2005-02-18 4:49

I like warm colors, point of view, they make this photo very effective! A pity the perspective should be corrected (in my opinion) and... looks a bit oversharpened...


Old 02-21-2005, 01:38 PM
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Default To Peeotr: South Gate ...

Oversharpened - yes , you are right, the original photo
was more than 3.5 megabyte ... to conform to TE's requirement
of 200kilobyte I had to resize it at least 6 times ... and the result was blurry ...

Tilted ? I don't believe so ... the faces are alined with each other ... as is the face on the gate in the background ...

When people are confronted with that gate they are so amazed by it
that they overlook the 108 statues on its sides ... it is very easy to do with the traffic,the tourist busses,motorbikes,pickup trucks that pass on that road ... + the nagging of all the sales ladies on the curb trying to get you to by another guide book or t-shirt ... too,that face is 2 meters above ground ... the chin that is ... I'm quite proud of the results ...

Perspective ? No. I specifically chose this perspective , in order to enhance the drama of the statue ... the gate and people
in the background are exactly that ... background.

I would have loved to get more blue in the sky , if I knew how ...
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Old 02-25-2005, 12:33 PM
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Default Re: To Peeotr: South Gate ...


Thanks for response. So if I can agree that it's not tilted, I'm sure the perspective may be corrected - the gate is simply falling into left. But I understand that you had to use such lens and to stay so close to the first face.

And sharpening - I think you should resize it once instead 6 times - every processing in fact destroys a photo. And oversharpening in this case has nothing to do with the original size of the photo but with parameters you used.

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Old 02-26-2005, 06:56 AM
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Default Re: To Peeotr: South Gate ...

Piotr ,

Thanx for your e-mail .

1. I am very new to PS ... This has been my second or third attempt, not only on this forum but ever ...
I never learned PS and have no PS manual ...
I was trying to post my photo and TE kept telling me it's too big ... that's why I resized it several times ...

2. Sharpening - Frankly , I quite like the results in the foreground ... it brings out the texture of the statue remarkably well! I'm sure there is selective sharpening possible if you know which buttons to press, but I don't ... If I could I would keep the same sharpening for the forward statue on the foreground and than lower gradually from the second statue and then the gate ...
Sharpening in this case has everything to do with the resizing - TE kept telling me to resize and than sharpen the image before posting ... and that's what I did ... so you got 5-6 resizing and 5-6 sharpening ... and like I said - the subject of the photo is that face,not the gate and not the people-they are background... so as long as my subject is sharp and I can see the texture of it very well I am very happy - if I knew how to lower the sharpening of the background I would ...

3. Someone - I think Dan - mentioned keystoning ... I don't know what that means ...

4. Perspective correction - Majose posted a WS in which the gate isn't "falling to the right" however I would love to do one by myself ... but I don't know how ...

5. I would love to see a WS done by you. If you do send in one please write the note in steps so I could repeat it in my computer and learn from the process.

Thanx again ,

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