Firefox 3 users

  • If your system is profiled, it's worth knowing that FF3 has the ability to make use of embedded colour profiles, but also that it's <u>not enabled by default.</u>

    To enable it you'll need type:

    into the Address box, where it would usually say "", and press then press:

    Then accept the "Here be dragons!" warning by clicking on the button labelled:
    <b>I'll be careful, promise</b>

    Once you've done that, click on the Filter box and type:

    You should now see a line called "<b>gfx.color_management.display_profile</b>", double click on that and type:
    into the textbox and then press:

    To test whether it's worked correctly, go here. The first image should look like the one labelled "The system supports these ICC version 4 and version 2 profiles"
  • Re: Firefox 3 users
    thanks adrian!