A field trip to Mexico...

  • A little link to some pictures taken by a photographer based in Canada, who, on a whim, found himself exploring Mexico.
    These are portraits.
    But portraits like I have never seen before.
    They are not mere pictures of faces, but moments shared with people, with beings.

    What else to say?
    Not much.
    Just follow the link and see for yourself.

    By the same photographer, Lung S. Liu there are the China & Vietnam pictures, taken earlier, but nonetheless poignant.

    Kind regards,
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    thanks for the link Julia, didn't have a chance to see his other galleries yet, but have enjoyed Mexico, I got a very pleasent feeling from them, watched the gallery and smile. Not all images are great IMO, but as a whole very enjoyable.
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    Thanks for the heads up, Julia. I agree with Peter in that when this chap is "on", something passes... I suspect he's shooting with a Leica rangefinder (can't prove it but it has that look...) He handles bokeh (shallow DOF) with consumate skill - just enough but not too much. He's a pro and also does weddings "in an artistic way" with a woman partner. His Vietnam portraits are cool too. There is a gentleness about them and a way that the subject seems to jut forward from the frame slightly (another Leica trait...)
    Anyway I really appreciate the link, well worth it.