To atlantida: downhill

  • The road is going down. It's a term of describing such situation.
    When your driving uphill, your driving up against the hill. Downhill the same.

    Regards Florian
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    I know what 'downhill' means, what I meant is where is the optical illusion here? It's a path where, from that point of view u can go up or down, just as u can do on every other road, go that way or the opposite way.

    My diploma work is named "Optical illusions" and what I'm seeing here is not an optical illusion, correct me if I'm wrong.

    Thanks for the explanation, but I'm still all covered with question marks.
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    Because of the use of a telelens you can put layers together quite close. And therefore the shape and direction can look different than they were in real.

    The optical illusion in this picture is: seen from my point of view, this road is going down, en not only in the middle of the road, but also where it looks like it's going upwards. So thats on the higher left corner. But you see thats it's going up, and thats why you asked me "what I'm seeing here is not an optical illusion, correct me if I'm wrong." because you might think that only the middle is going down, but in fact this road is going down all the time. And that's the optical illusion.

    You see, when your taking a picture with a telelens and keep it on a certain angle, the picture may get such optical illusion. But I think a lot of people didn't see that, but only a common road. But this picture was about that illusion and not the road at all. It was only an instrument for me to express that illusion.

    Hopefully your questions are covered with this message.