Help--Can't download photos now with OS X 10.6

  • I recently got a new Mac with OS X 10.6. I used to have 10.5 and I used Image Capture to download photos from camera to computer via USB. Now Image Capture does not recognize my camera. What software do I need in order to download photos?
  • Hi Ken
    If you still have your Canon 350 Software, you have your camera CD for Mac.
    Inside there is a camera transfer.

  • Thanks, Didi. I downloaded EOS Utility from the Canon site and that seems to work.

  • Bonjour
    The best way, is to use an usb memory card reader...It come on the desktop like an external volume, then you copy or you drag and drop the pix in a folder....
    No need special software from a dedicated camera....or OS system...
    then, use your favorite tool for the images...