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Annetta, TE is a two way street. You have to give comments and critiques inorder to recieve them. From what I can tell, you have not been active in the community other than just posting. Simply telling someone you like their photo can get a response from them, and probably a critique as well.

I took a quick look through your gallery. A great deal of them look like snapshots rather than well thoughtout photos. In general, the compositions are not engaging and often times the contrast is lacking. TE is a very tough place for photographers because we all see so many photos a day. A good travel picture may look great to the normal person, but to a vetern TE member it's just another tourist shot unless there is a unique quality about it. This is why 70% of all photos posted on TE get less than 6 points. I don't know what else to tell you besides keep taking photos, learn from the experts and critique more.
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