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Hello everyone,
Thank you all for this constructive tone, and Angshu in particular for trying to cool people's heads all weekend (including in other fora :-) ).
Given the proportions which this matter has assumed, I am very much in favour of an open explanation and discussion. Perhaps this might even necessitate a change in the rules that the moderators have to follow, to prevent that any such events in the future. This site functions as a community, which is one of the reasons we are drawn to it, but this fact has to be taken into account in the rules that govern it / the administration of it. In this case, I am afraid, answering the questions of individual members by e-mail will not suffice to put things on the right track. A public explanation of the issues that Anghsu named, as to why critiques were altered, threads deleted etc., is needed to calm heated tempers and bring in fresh air.
The whole matter was like an avalanche starting with a small, seemingly innocent noise, but it has roared down the valley and swept many of our friends with it. Please let us all endeavour in good faith to rescue as many of them as possible and try to bring them back by showing them that the things that bothered them are being worked on.
Wishing everyone a nice day!

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