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Default Re: The Critique Conspiracy

Thats fine Herve. The image was just a playful one, no real meaning just some play on geometry.

However I actually wanted to address something you wrote about my treshhold for getting insulted. I wasnt insulted by the guy. He couldnt make me feel insulted if he tried. That has nothing to do with it. Like you, I love TE. Its a great place to come, share photos, ideas, opinions etc with people I like and respect. Anyone threatening to ruin that atmosphere has to be confronted and stopped, otherwise you will see TE degenerate from a friendly place to a very nasty place, and fast. Ive seen it happen on other boards. Its a cancer that spreads quickly. Im glad to step up and confront anyone who is going to threaten to spoil the place I like, to drag names (my own maybe, people I know maybe) through the mud because of his childish anger at not getting points. So I wasnt insulted at al. I was being proactive. And if it happens again, Ill do it again. I see the guy hasnt returned to this cancer of a thread. perhaps my little post had something to do with it, maybe the end it doesnt matter.
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