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Default Re: New Quick Critique Feature


Thread regarding change in this feature
In addition to critiques, and in place of 'Quick Critiques', it is now possible to leave 'comments' instead. Smileys may be left with comments as well, but points will not be counted.

Comments are meant for general messages like, 'nice shot', or 'beautiful, I love that country' etc.

I plan on adding the ability to filter out comments (it will be displayed by default). I also plan on not displaying comments in the main critique, 'critiques written' or 'critiques received' area for non-members.

Finally I will be disabling critiquing ability (but not comments) for those who continue to write numerous 'nice shot' general type critiques. Since it will still be possible to write comments, this will not limit members from writing comments about any photo. I feel this is better than simply removing the critiques instead.

Any feedback on this is welcome.
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