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"Why the assumption that the photographer doesn't spend enough time enjoying art? I don't see the relation here and doubt that anyone will give the piece more attention just because photos of it can not be taken. And why are we suppose to be told how to enjoy our visit at the musuem (as long as we aren;t damaging or disturbing anything)?"

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The comment was obviously not directed at art lovers or those who appreciate art, but at visitors and tourists who are simply there to say they were there. I think this is a big problem in Paris, where millions of tourists go to the Louvre simply because it is the Louvre, not for the sake of art. It becomes more sightseeing rather than fullfilling one's soul with art. I am not saying that these tourists have no place in the museum, but I would respectfully agree that their photo taking priveledges be revoked if they cannot control the flash on their cameras. Such seems to be the case now where people leave cameras on AUTO setting and snap away at the priceless paintings, damaging them with their seemingly harmless flashes. I personally do not mind not having the ability to photograph in the museum if it means the millions of other visitors who have no idea how to turn off flash gets their privledge revoked. This is still an isolated case where the main concern is not public safety, terrorist attacks, or selling more post cards, but rather the preservation of priceless artifacts so generations after us can enjoy them.

That being said, I think it's ridiculous to ban photograph in other wings of the museum where flash cannot damage the pieces.
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