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Originally Posted by mjw364 View Post
I think perhaps given that one of the general aims of the TE is to educate and inform... and given that workshops are provided by members using post processing software... if a certain degree of post processing is deemed allowable - actually providing the details of the post processing process (in addition to camera, lens, DOF, exp. tripod/ND used etc.) might also prove beneficial to some less experienced members such as myself.
Some members do actually provide a brief statement in their notes about the 'tweaks' they have given to their photos, and, in conjunction with the Exif information, that can be very helpful to other photographers. Other members, of course, choose to conceal the Exif information, and often even the camera used, and write the most cursory of notes which tell one nothing about the scene, let alone the difficulties of taking the photo or steps taken to make it presentable. A judiciously adjusted workshop photo, uploaded by a member to suggest improvements to another member's shot, can also be very helpful if the 'tweaks' are explained carefully. Remember, of course, that downloading a member's image, working on it it in Photoshop, and uploading it again, will result in a noticeable loss of image quality. But that doesn't matter if the object is to show how dynamic range, saturation and colour can be improved.
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