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Default To Homerhomer: street_parade_Zurich_2005 (#3)

Thank you, Peter
Thank you for standing up and saying(writing) what you think,
I never mentioned they were kissing they had fun and you can call it what ever you want but it was a moment, I also believe and I will show it to you tomorrow that a kiss is something beautiful and you can see other pictures of mine that
has a good kissing.(

And if it is the shock element that made people click why did any body stop and say (like you) I donít like it or it is tooÖ

All im trying to do is project the situation, I was NOT a person standing on the side (pavement) and clicking I was in the parade I was parting and dancing and drinking AND taking PICTURES and thatís the different between my pictures and the rest,

Did you ever get close (like 0.5 meter) with a camera and a flash unit and a 17 mm lens to a kissing couple?
I did, and it is not easy, there is the emotional part that you disturb, there is the intimacy, there is the physical distance and there is respect and all this you have to break to get close but without disturbing them.

Im learning and I like your reaction and appreciate it
Tell me tomorrow when I upload a different picture what you think.
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