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Default To Joseelias

Thanks Jose for your appreciation of this one too. I don't know which of the two I posted I prefer, both have a little something special. I should have asked for the opinion of the members on which one the viewers prefer. When it is our own pictures it's sometime hard to make up our mind, especially when we have seen the place and not only the photos.

About shooting some details : doors, lockers, etc.. You know, I did not think of doing so and now that you mention it I feel I missed something there. I was on a private property and felt I had to do fast to shot a few of these shots.
I wonder too about the best terms to describe the trees on this shot. I would have put "bare trees" or "leafless trees". Maybe an English speaking member could tell us what would be the appropriate way to call them, but I think that "stripped trees" describes well what we see.
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