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Originally Posted by fanni View Post
So what?
Linking the image back to TE?

My photo which they stole and pinned without my permission does provide a link to TrekEarth - but not to the photo itself!

if you click on the photo the link takes you to the whole page of photos - many of which are mine!
Why should I give them all my photos in one go as a gift?
This photo was not pinned using the TE Pinterest shortcut; if it had been, it would link back to your exact photograph, so everyone would know it is yours. Whoever posted that must have used their own "pin it" button.

There is no way to stop Pinning from occurring. We can complain that the buttons make it easier -- but they have the dual function of ensuring that your photos are properly linked back to their source here at TE! Without that, people would come here, copy and paste your photo, and use it without attribution altogether.

Again, this process is evolving and new. I think it's worth it to wait and see how the legalities settle before reacting too much. But if there is a TE Community outcry, we'll change.

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