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Default Re: Trash Photos and Junk Shots and More Rubbish

First, thanks to Don for this thread. I really wish we could have more threads where we can exchange ideas and argue about the real medium of photography, which is hardle technique and rules of 1/3rd. I look up everyday the P forum hoping someone is throwing a debate that takes us off the photoshop window.

I don't think this guy is yet a full-nlown professional, reading the small bio about him. But his pictures are as good as anyone, the problem. For me, save #3, all lack punch, either at story level, or something about the processing. The story of course, is nothing new, as far as the net goes, and probably a bit more, save the national evening news in our countries. At this point, I'd say we really should hear and see beyond the time these kids are on the dump, so we can relate it to a social and political situation, what, why, how long, who, etc.... The stuff about family needs the money, cycle of poevrty unbroken, blahblah... Sorry, it's great for a TE note, but not as photo-journalism.

I agree with Luko, pictures must tell a story, and though it's true that TE is not the best vehicle for that, I think we can easily have in mind some of the members who build up a story out of laying out many pictures, knowing them for months on this site, or on another one.

Last point, Jinju, not sure about the dust thingo. I failed to see it, or i saw too many, the bad habit of eating in front of the comp' :-). But I do not think it's that important, in the context of telling a story. You have to think that few people are as exacting as someone like you, who goes over so many pictures on a daily basis, with a critical eye. Obviously, the people at the zuma agency did not think it was an urgent matter. IMO....
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