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hm, I do it in a bit different way, when I see a photo I want to comment then I just write my critique, without reading other critiques.
I must admit though, sometimes I read other critiques before writing my own, but mostly to make sure I am right with some issues concerning the problems in the photo...
and I am not sure I'd like to have on TE hidden points and critiques, I think I like it the way it is now. I like seeing what some people post that day, without guessing. there is just too many photos to browse all of them, sometimes I just search for photos of certain peoples, whose photos I like and who are active on TE, I don't like commenting photos of people who don't write critiques and I mostly don't do that. and I don't give points in exchange just to say thanks for points received.
so, I prefer to see whose picture is in the gallery and who is active and how some photos ar epopular or not.
thanks ;-)
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