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Default "24 Hour Photo" - A Radical Idea?...

Because of the recent feature of not displaying the name or points of a photo in the gallery and some other proposals around this issue, I've structured an idea. I've seen something simillar in another site and it works very well.

Maybe it's a bit radical, and/or difficult to implement but nevetheless I've decided to post it... Here it goes:

What about if the photos would be anonimous (both in the thumbnail as in the full image) for a period of 24 hours, period after wich they would become completly identified to all? This would also apply to the critiques written in that period. They would not be visible for 24 hours. Of course, the artist that posted a photo would see everything concerning his own pictures in real time.

The exception to this rule would be if someone wrote a critique in one of the "24 hour photos". Then, both the artist name and the previous written critiques in that photo could become visible to the critiquer.

The advantages, as stated in previous forums are that the name of the photographer and points received by a photo would not influence the critiquers atittude. They would choose the photos that they like and interest them.

Also, coments as "all as allready been said" or "agree with the above" would reduce as no one would know what was previuosly written. More, people would not avoid to write a critique because he felt it was nothing more to add. Personally I find usefull "repeated" coments as it gives me a more accurate idea if I really failled in a certain part of the photo.

The "24 hour photos" would also only be visible in the artist gallery and in the favorite artists gallery after that period.

If someone see advantages or desavantages in this system you're free to write your opinion. Adam you're invited too... :o)
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