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Default Latitude & Longitude on Uploads

Ok, I have scoured these forums and have found no reference to the location latitude and longitude fields when I edit my uploads.

I recently got a GPS for my Nikon D300 - it automatically populates the EXIF data of the file. I thought perhaps TE would recognize these tags (as Google Maps and other Google photo sites do), but no. Apparently only a small amount of the EXIF data is actually recognized and brought over into the photo information of the post.

Even before I started using the GPS I tried to populate the Latitude and Longitude fields, but have never been successful. Once I got a map to show up, but the location was way off from the photograph location.

What are the exact numbers or format these fields are looking for?

Is this even important or useful? Does anyone even care if there is a satellite map of where the photograph was taken?

Thanks for your time,

Reed Radcliffe
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