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Originally Posted by SnapRJW View Post
I have heard that there are programmes that stop people from copying pictures off the net, I think this can be embedded before we upload. Would be glad of any suggestions.
Hi Rosemary,
some time ago when I decided to create my own website dedicated to Stockholm and post photos of Stockholm on it, I, too, was concerned about the copyright issue.
I searched the Net but did not find any programs which would guarantee 100% protection to photos.

I remember finding a program (I think it's shareware) which protects images: it embeds something in photos (apart from optional embedding your signature) which makes them look sort of "grainy" (the degree of graininess depends on your choice of different options).

Nobody will steal such a photo (though who knows??) but this will not be a good photo anymore

So, I am not worried about this issue anymore.


1. once you've posted a photo on the Net - especially on an open photo-site, it's not yours anymore! anyone can see it, anyone can do anything with the photo (I mean photo-theft) - perhaps even faster than you could possibly expect...

2. there's such a thing as the "PrintScreen" key on the keyboard: one "magic" pressing on this key - and the photo is yours!

of course if the photo-thief wants to publish the stolen photo in any serious magazine or online journal, they will have to prove it's theirs, to provide the original file etc, but this is quite a different story altogether.

3. browser cache.

4. for FireFox users: "Page Saver" addon.

5. and so on and so forth...

Conclusion: if you do not want your photo to be potentially stolen, - don't post it at all and show it only to your friends on your own computer!
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