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Default Re: "24 Hour Photo" - A Radical Idea?...

Adam and others: when you say that "This is one of the main premises of the site. Even if the photographer doesn't appreciate it, there are others reading the suggestions and learning from such critiques. If one doesn't want such critiques then this site is probably not the best fit for them." - I agree completely. As a novice hobbyist, I find reading all of the critiques, whether I make one or not helpful (feeling unqualified to make comments most of the time).

I also think that the choice to turn off points and names should be up to the viewer. I really like this website as it is. The 24-hour photo intrigued me, because if after 24 hours, all points and critiques are made available , then the site really hasn't changed in purpose or presentation, but does give that added something to those who do base their comments upon what others' have already said.
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