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Default Re: "24 Hour Photo" - A Radical Idea?...

The idea is interesting for the members who already like the new possibility of not seeing the names and points under the thumbnail. It might not be so much appreciated for those who prefer seeing ths information. I think this new feature of letting us choose to see or not to see the names and points is the best we can have in order to satisfy everyone.

An alternative could be, we would only see the name of the photographer, points, and other critiques, only once our own critique would have been written and posted. So "you want to see, you have to write a critique".

As for a way to identify ourselves as wanting critiques OF ANY KIND, meaning praises but also CONSTRUCTIVE critiques on how to repair flaws or improve a future shot, I had suggested to Adam that we could have a flag beside our name. This flat would always be visible even for those who choose not to see names and points.
Do you think that could be interesting ?

We could also indicate such a wish in our intro but it's not everyone who reads the intros and we cannot always remember who likes it or not.
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