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I also cannot stand hot weather very well. I can stand the cold but the sun sometimes just throw me into this "don't move, don't breath" metabolism state :D.

Actually, I think both you and Robert are right. I think the hot temperature that you describe supposed to be there. Although, I think last year, the weather was pretty strange. I was in VN in March timeframe and we had more rain than the other years that I have been there. Normally, March and April in HCM, the weather prediction on the TV can be translated word for word: "clear night, sunny day". Yet last year we had rain almost every afternoon.

I am expecting a sweat drenching visit to Angkor Wat but will gladly settle for some short afternoon shower on each day. I also think that I will take that noon siestas like you did, Luko. It would be better for me that way.

How did you guys managed in the temples? Do I need a guide to take the full advantage of it? I usually wander around by myself because I don't like to get pressured when I am taking photos. What are the best time for various temples that you have come accross?

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