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Not that I don't believe Robert when he says that from his own experience, rainy season was just over in April, but that is totally different from what friends living there told me.

I copied the following from a Cambodia tourism website, this sounds more like I've been advised :

"The hot season follows the cool season from about March to May. High temperatures at this time can reach 40C (104F) and average 33 to 35C. The temples at Angkor, high up on their plateau, can be particularly baking.

The rainy season runs from around June to October, when the monsoons arrive from the Gulf of Thailand. Temperatures are almost as high as the hot season, but this isn't an entirely bad time to visit. The rains usually only last an hour or two in the afternoon, leaving the rest of the time to explore with the sights pretty much to yourself".

Reading that, I can figure out I was strolling Angkor temples through the "cool" season (!!!) : as for myself I think I may come back to Siem reap, but this time I will definitely choose the wet season period.
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