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Default Re: Camera & Lens database

Labels, categories, classifications are only useful if they are systematic.
When the system is messy, it just gets messier and messier.

My suggestions:
1. Selecting a camera from the list should not be a 1-click procedure. Right now the list is way too long for a single drop-down menu. It would make great sense, if at least the camera brands (Canon, Pentax, Nikon, Sony, etc.) would be a separate selection from camera models.
2. At least camera brands selection could be a fixed list as there are limited number of camera brands. This would eliminate cameras like "Cannon" from the list.
3. Also, current listed cameras like "Anything I can brake", "A grey digital one" and "Cheapie film camera", could be perhaps grouped into "Other" or "Various" or smth like that. If one wants to call his/her camera with nicknames or add additional information like "on loan sometimes", this could be a separate field as the "Canon EOS 350D" and "Canon EOS 350D on loan sometimes" are essectially a same camera.
4. Entering a new camera to the database should not be made so easy. It should be an option if the camera is not already listed in the database. Right now it is easier to enter a new camera than to search for it from the list.
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