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Default Re: good feature of the new version of the site

When you see your own photo, I believe it counts as a view.

I believe it's a good feature, not necessarily a very important one, but good nevertheless.

I also believe that it would be nice to sort individual galleries this way, so as to quickly identify the favorites and the most viewed shots of a particular member. It would also be nice to know whether the "most viewed" come from some sort of external link.

But it looks like that since a couple of days after the new site was launched, the "TE team" (it's no secret that there's no such a team, by the way) has not been doing further debugging and/or restoring features that exist in the old site, nor incorporating any new features.

In fact the site is now running on "automatic pilot", and I'm not aware of any action and/or communications by the moderators/administrators/team.
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