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Default Re: Shooting with David Alan Harvey's not working so here goes - he is used to spending MONTHS on a single assignment, gradually disarming the locals in a small town in Guatemala, then little by little putting together a portfolio of images when everyone is used to his presence. It is very different from what we are confronted with on a 10 day holiday somewhere, eh?
I recently spent a morning with an Aussie Pro who was shooting a portrait of one of our execs - he told me he assisted Steve McCurry (another Nat Geo veteran) for two days in Tokyo - exhausting! The fellow kept shooting and re-shooting and trying this and that.
It's what separates the men (them) from the boys (us) I guess...
But from the little contact I had with Mr Harvey I learned two things: 1) he is a wonderful man and 2) a hell of atecher. WOuld you agree with that, Rafal?
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