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“us Celts get a little aggressive at times”

Man, who doesn’t?… The Portuguese performed probably one of the most violent acts of mankind history in a worldwide scale… Intercontinental slave trade at a massive scale…

But that does not mean a nation is bad. Sometimes mistakes are made to learn with them…

About the media I believe that the British (not only them) are hostage of bad information and especially misinformation – although I’m completely republican I think it’s a disgrace what happens around the royal family with all the paparazzi…

And that’s a pity because when people abuse freedom of speech the first step it’s taken to reduce the liberty of the people, as those wishing to control information will have an argument to do it and the support of the majority… But this is a long discussion not very suitable to TE forums too…

But again regarding football, I believe you should be supporting Portugal… It’s better to be beaten by a world champion than by a looser team… :-)

In Portugal when, we are beaten by someone who became champion, we look at it as fate, as the “fado”. That team was meant to be champion in that moment and nothing could have stopped it so we had bad luck crossing it.



Unfortunately I could not see the Brazil-France game as the transmission of the world cup is being dominated by the “pay-tv mafia” and only some games are shown on open channel… :-(((

But the emotion the few minutes of the penalty kicks has, beats any emotion a game with only one goal can give… ;-)

Figo, Deco, Ronaldo and Pauleta (is this name familiar to you?…) will teach the Bleus what a football game is all about… But at the end, may the best… Portuguese team win!

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