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Default Re: France vs Portugal !

I don't think it was intentional but i do think he had 'lost his head' and was into a dangerous play mode - at least on all the monitors i saw he stepped back and was unsighted - i think he's an aggressive little bugger and still has a lot to learn about his own aggression and temper but I genuinely think he was just fighting a little too hard - I hope children can still be produced - we seemed to play better without him - shame Beckham was taken out so effectively - also i would imagine without any malice or forethought - our most able spot kicker disabled by a tackle - that did change the game for the worse in my humble opinion - it wasn't good we had to take that penalty twice either but hey Europe won collectively last night and it wouldn't be such a bad thing to see Portugal hold the trophy aloft for a change...although I will probably cheer for the knights of France - a close thing - in many ways difficult to choose but i hope it is one of you that raises the trophy this year!

There are so many players these days playing across countries it
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