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Default Re: Anyone traveling to Thailand around September?

First, lots of important, impressive places will be frequented by tourists, but don't let that stop you. Do not miss Wat Phra Kaew (The Temple of the Emerald Buddha) or Wat Po (The Reclining Buddha). They are extremely impressive. They will be visited by bus loads of tourists. If you go early or stay late the crowds should be smaller. Or if you're lucky the gates will be closed to tourists for an hour or so for a special ceremony. If you're already inside you will be allowed to stay and watch the crowd change from sweaty westerners to serene Asians.

But also wander around the area. Close by is Lak Meuang (The City Pillar), the Pig Shrine, an outdoor Hindu temple, old shop houses, an area of merchants of dried fish and shrimp, coffin shops, vendors of huge Buddhas,...

By all this I'm saying - explore. What may interest me may not interest you. Let your eyes, ears, nose, and curiosity drag you around SEA.

Check the maps in your travel guides and look for smaller towns/villages where tourists and travelers are less likely to visit. Those are the places where you're most likely to get good 'people' pictures. The people living in those places aren't going to be tired of tourists. You will be a novelty, an entertainment, and will get lots of smiles and welcomes lots of willing subjects.

Spend some time looking through the images on this site. Write down the places that people found good images. For example you might notice that I posted several monkey shots from Lopburi. There's a hint. Want to shoot some monkeys? Bet Lopburi would be a good place to visit. ;o)

There are a bazillion excellent images waiting to be captured in SEA. All you have to do is to look for them.

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