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Default Re: "La mort au bout de l'appareil photo"

A 56 year old man was beaten with death, Thursday, in a sensitive district of the Epinay-on-Seine (Seine-Saint-Denis). It was into full afternoon, and the victim circulated with woman and child in one of the streets of the district of Orgemont when its glance was attracted by the reverberators, of an original model. Employed in a company which manufactures urban furniture, it then decides to be parked to photograph them. Confusion. But, in this field of turns HLM, its initiative apparently was badly perceived. According to first testimonys', a group of young people encircled. Did it refuse to arrange the apparatus or to give its film? "It is rather the apparatus which was to interest them", one with the parquet floor of Bobigny comments on. The situation completely degenerated. "All left very quickly and in a very confused way", according to a police source. The young people passed it to tobacco, under the eyes of his wife and her daughter, remained in the car. Under the eyes also of a certain number of witnesses who did not intervene. A mini-market, a bar-PMU and a pharmacy indeed contribute to return this sector rather animated. "Nobody came to him to assistance", comments on one in the investigators. The helps would have arrived a score of minutes later. But a long cardiac massage could not revive it. It died in the night of Thursday to Friday, at the Delafontaine hospital in Saint-Denis, not far from the city of Orgemont. An autopsy was to intervene Saturday morning, in order to determine with precision the origin of the death. The murder squad of the Parisian Criminal Investigation Department was seized by the investigation, which is announced "difficult and complex" in a "medium where the police force is not the welcome", according to the same source which evokes the first testimonys "confused and various". Bulletproof jackets. The police officers * who began Thursday evening an investigation known as of vicinity, in order to collect information likely to allow the identification of the attackers * were vÍtus bulletproof jackets. They also collected images of video cameras installed in the district but which appear "not easily exploitable
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