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Default Re: Not interested ? Do not care ? Indifference ?

Sorry, I have to disagree with posting REALLY GOOD photos. I know MANY good photographers (not referring to myself) who post excellent shots and get NO points.

Being active is the main thing- VERY active. We can then take it to the extreme...

- Only say REALLY nice things, never anything critical
- Never comment, people only care about smilies/ points- you won't make friends by commenting.
- Critique as MANY people as possible everyday.
- Critique people in your 'click' of friends everyday to stay in their good books (not more then 1 critique a day to them as you don't want to waste critiques
- Try and critique newcomers as they're looking for acceptance into a new community and may just critique your whole gallery! (fingers crossed)
- Ensure you reply with 'Thank You' to each and every person who comments or critiques your photos to urge them to come back and give you more points.
- Be sure to mark every crtique as useful- even if they only said 'I've been to that town'.
- Mark every workshop as useful, even if all they did was make it look worse.
- Advertise every new photo you post in the forums to atract as much attention as possible.

All the best!
- Dan

*The above is totally against the TOS, but don't tell anyone... ;-)
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