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Default Re: Not interested ? Do not care ? Indifference ?

Hi Mike
There are two ways of getting smiley faces. First one would be to take good photos (and I mean really good photos not just good snapshots). Second one to join the “smiley faces club”. There are many different ones on this site (it is not official club, I just come up with that name by myself). The purpose of the club is to share smiley faces and good critique between each other, no matter how bad or how very bad the photos are (I have seen some amazing comments attached to some really bad photos, it makes you think, are they all that sarcastic or is it, the blind leading the blind or maybe bit of both).
I myself just withdrew all my photos from here, after sending only two weeks on TE. They weren't good enough to get noticed and I did not want to join the club. But I must say I have enjoyed the 14 days of going through 10000000000 of photos, and I think the majority of TE subscribers are happy here. Good luck.
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