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Default Re: India - Getting hassled

I think these are extreme cases and most likely to happen to younger solo females. If you fall into this category and get touched/hassled just start screaming. Locals will come to your aid in almost every circumstance.

It seems to me that India males have gotten more sexually aggressive in the last few years. Perhaps too many Italians have been traveling there? ;o)

For most of us the major problem will be the persistent salesman. Think used car dealer, insurance salesman, religious fanatic, ....

Usually a polite 'no' is enough. Sometimes I will look the 'offender' straight in the eye and say in a firm, quite voice "NO". Just show resolve.

You are going to be an object of curiosity if you get off the beaten path. Just go with the flow. Think of yourself as a traveling side-show that's just come into town. Use your attractiveness as a way to get some great pictures. (Digital Rules!)

With some luck you'll get to play Pied Pipper and be followed by a bunch of young kids down the path. Shoot 'em.

If you want attention go to Bangladesh.
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