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Default India - Getting hassled

I may as well continue this thread with a different subject.

As I read various accounts like those below, I wonder how this corresponds with your own experiences.

Unfortunately Jaipur will always be connected for me with the memory of being hassled most of the day. The Indian men are a pest in Jaipur. They wanted to talk to me and did not accept a "No". One or two even touched my breasts, when they passed me. And I definitely was dressed in a modest way!
One morning, when I was walking around, a young man was following me. I tried to ignore him, but he talked and talked and I just wanted to walk alone in the not so hot morning air. I told him to leave me alone. He insisted on talking to me. He ignored my wishes and did not respect my decision to be alone. Nothing helped. He just talked and talked and asked me about my life. I told him to f* off. As an answer he asked me, how I like India. I was so angry about him, that I answered: "I hate India!". Surprised he looked at me and askedd: "Why?" "Because of people like you!" I answered. That made him finally leave me.
I hated myself for being that rude. Experiences like this made me want to leave India immediately.

and, from another writer,
That's when it started. Indians! At first, it was just people walking by, stopping and of course staring. No big deal. Then some younger ones walked over and moved my hand away to look at my drawing, without so much as a by-your-leave! Assholes. Then, groups of teenage boys started sitting around me, not talking, just staring. Getting annoyed, I told to go away. They didn't. I moved to another spot, they followed. They continued to pester until one guy got too close, so like the wild animal (they seemed to think I was) that has had enough, I clubbed him across the shoulder with my stick. He just went back, sat with others, and started staring again. Staring back made no difference, they just looked you in the eye for long minutes, with no hesitation. Very rude. I finally went and sat on the stairs in the corner of the mock (right hand side) mosque where they had nowhere they could sit out of the sun, and they gave up and went away.

That's when the flies started. Like flies to sh*t (me being the sh*t) they came across the grounds just to stand and stare. As soon as one group of Indians left, another came. For four hours! I think maybe they didn't come here to see the Taj. Instead, they were here to gawk at pale foreigners. I was very annoyed and rude and wouldn't talk to any of them, refused to shake literally hundreds of hands. I just wanted to sit and draw - alone! It was very annoying. I think I like India so far, but I am growing to hate all Indians, especially the men, if you can understand the difference. Like little boys, who never grew up.
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